We Deliver to all of
Europe, USA and UAE

Send parcels with us to 33 countries around the world. It is fast, easy and at great prices. You can use the services of dozens of European carriers with just one connection.

Delivery speed

Do You Want to Deliver With Packeta?


You Will Connect to Our System
As soon as you connect to our system via API, you can start using the services of the Slovak Packeta, all our branches within the Packeta Group and dozens of foreign carriers.


You Will Enter the Parcels into the System
You will enter parcels into the system in one single interface. You will save the parcel details, print out the label and attach it to the parcel. No unnecessary paperwork is required.


You Will Submit the Parcels on Your own or Hand Them Over to Our Driver
You can bring the parcels to the submission point or depot, or our courier will pick them up at your store. At this stage, the parcels are accepted for shipping - and we will take care of everything else.


Track the Parcels
Parcels are then forwarded from the depot to customers or to our foreign carrier partners. Each parcel has its own tracking number which allows you to track its movement.


Done! The Parcel Has Been Delivered
We will deliver parcels to your customers to specific pick-up points, directly to the address or to the self-service pick-up point Z-BOX. You will be notified immediately of the successful delivery.