Even Closer to People

The Z-BOX is a self-service pick-up point of Packeta, thanks to which you do not have to wait for a courier to call you. You can pick up your parcel when you have time, and the delivery price is the same as when sending to our brick-and-mortar pick-up points.

The Z-BOX Is Eco-friendly

Z-BOXes are powered by solar panels and thus operate autonomously without the need of connection to electricity.

Nonstop Operation

Z-BOXes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just stop by to pick up your parcel, even at night.

Fast, Without Lines

All you have to do at the Z-BOX is turn on the Packeta app, GSP and Bluetooth on your mobile phone and the parcel is yours!

Contactless Pickup

Not only during the COVID period will you appreciate the fact that you can pick up your parcel without contact with a stranger.

How Does It Work?


Purchase from an e-shop that cooperates with Packeta.


In the shopping cart, select delivery to a pick-up point and select a Z-BOX in your area from the list.


Wait for information that the driver has delivered the parcel to the selected Z-BOX.


You can pick up your parcel at any time; most Z-BOXes are open 24/7.

Was a Cash on Delivery Parcel Delivered to the Z-Box?

You can pay for it using the application and then you can pick it up at the Z-BOX!

Our Vision

"We are constantly looking for ways to increase the convenience of parcel pickup, and the contactless pick-up points Z-BOX are one of the options. Their size allows them to be placed in shopping centers or squares; therefore, these pick-up points are always at hand and truly close to the people."

Simona Kijonková
Founder of Zásilkovna and CEO of Packeta Group



I Am A Citizen

The ideal method is to reach out directly to the municipal or city officials and let them know you are interested in a Z-BOX. Officials can then find out if other citizens are interested, for example through a survey, or discuss the matter with the council, and then contact us directly using the form.


A Municipal or Project Representative

Please fill out this form to let us know that you are interested in placing a Z-BOX in your area. Please attach photos of the area where our self-service pick-up point could be located. We will forward the information to our sales representative who will contact you as soon as possible.

880 +

The current number of Z-BOXes (SK)

Where Is the Closest Z-Box

Z-BOX for easy delivery in the countryside!

Packeta will make it easy to deliver shipments to smaller towns and villages from 1,500 to 5,000 inhabitants. Therefore, it joined forces with the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia to work together to increase the availability of public service and the comfort of people living or to spend their time in the countryside and in smaller cities.

How can the municipality benefit from the Z-BOX?

Service Expansion and Modernization

The Z-BOX introduces 21st century delivery and a way to pick up your parcel without lines and contact.

Parcel Pickup at any Time

With 24-hour opening hours, Z-BOXes are available to citizens day and night and even on weekends!

They Complement Brick-and-Mortar Pick-up Points

Thanks to its 24-hour operation and contactless pickup, the Z-BOX can complement the services of brick-and-mortar branches of Packeta in the municipality.

They Reduce the Number of Carriers on the Road

When travelling to a village, our courier will unload the parcels at the Z-BOX, the brick-and-mortar pick-up point and at the customers' addresses, thus serving the entire municipality. This is carried out during one trip and instead of deliveries from several different carriers.

The Benefits of Z-BOXes Compared to Other Pick-up Boxes

Did you know that...

Boxes with displays are at risk of limited functionality during hot weather? Not only is the display unreadable under sun light, but it can overheat and stop working.

Fast Convenient

Compact Dimensions

The size of the Z-BOX ranges from 1,050 x 650 mm to 3,150 x 650 mm and can easily fit into the space of a bus stop or store.

Power Supply by Solar Panels

Z-BOXes are autonomous and they do not need a power supply in order to operate. Therefore, not only are they eco-friendly, but they also do not impose a burden on the municipal budget.

Opening via Mobile Phone

The Z-BOX doesn’t have a push-button display. The user opens the Z-BOX with his/her phone. It is hygienic and there is no risk of the box not functioning during summer days.