Parcel Delivery:
What Are the Options?

Choose from several parcel delivery options available to you at Packeta.

Delivery to the Address

We will deliver the parcel directly to your address, either to your house or to work. We will inform you in advance about the day and time of delivery.

Delivery to the Pick-up Point

You don't want to wait for a courier? Pick up your parcel at one of our thousands of pick-up points. Choose one that is nearby and drop by when you have time to pick up your parcel.

Delivery to the Z-Box

The Z-BOX is a self-service pick-up point that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pick up your parcel here contactless, even in the middle of the night. You can open the Z-BOX using the Packeta mobile app.

How Does It Work


In the e-shop, when completing your order, select Packeta as the delivery method. If you prefer delivery to a pick-up point, select one nearby in the list. For example, you can search for one using the postcode.


Once the e-shop (sender) has handed over the goods to us for shipping, we will send you an email with the tracking number. You can then track your parcel's route online.


Once the parcel has been delivered to your chosen pick-up point, we will send you an SMS and an email with a password. You can pick up your parcel at any time within 7 days. If you choose delivery to an address, you will be contacted by our courier in advance.

Find the Closest
Pick-up Point

We have the widest network of pick-up points in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In Slovakia you can find our pick-up points in all municipalities with a population over 1500 inhabitants.

Pick-up points
1,100 +
Pick-up points in Slovakia
880 +
Z-Boxes in Slovakia
5,300 +
Pick-up points in the Czech Republic
2,700 +
Z-Boxes in the Czech Republic
1,080 +
Pick-up Points in Hungary
250 +
Z-Boxes in Hungary

4 Reasons to Choose Delivery via Packeta

Fast and Convenient

There is no need to prove your identity or check your ID. Just share the password from the text message or email you have received at the pick-up point. That is all that is necessary.

Cash or by Payment Card

You can pay for your parcel in cash, without contact using a payment card or in advance in our mobile app Packeta.

Extension of Parcel Deposit

You don't know what to do first, and the time to pick up your parcel from pick-up points is running out? Send us a reply SMS and we will extend the deadline to up to 21 days free of charge.

Check and Return

You can quickly check that the goods have arrived safely at the pick-up point and, if necessary, return the parcel immediately.

You Can Track Your Parcel Online

Have we already collected the parcel from the e-shop? When was it processed at the depot? Thanks to tracking, you always know where your parcel is. Follow its route!