Returning Goods with
Packeta Is Easy

We have two simple return solutions for you. Packeta is the synonym for simplicity - and that applies to returning goods from your customers too. Not a good fit? Don't like it? Then the customer simply packages the goods and takes them to the Packeta submission point nearby.

Return Parcel

The first option for the customer to return goods to the e-shop is the so-called Return Parcel. How does it work?


The customer packages the returned goods appropriately and adds the return form provided by the e-shop to the parcel.


The customer takes the parcel to any submission point of Packeta.


The customer shall inform the e-shop staff of the unique 8-digit return code (the so-called identifier)


The staff will generate a label based on the code and attach it to the parcel.


Our courier will pick up the parcel at the submission point and take it back to the e-shop.

Price list of Return Parcels

  • The service is free of charge for your customer.

  • The customer receives a confirmation of parcel submission and a confirmation of receipt of the goods back by the e-shop.

  • You can adjust the service to suit your e-shop.

  • The identifier can be found in the client section (User information > Manage returns codes), it never changes and remains the same for all your customers

  • Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary: The customer brings the parcel to the drop-off point and dictates the identifier to the staff. We will take care of the rest!

  • Other countries: For parcel returns, it is necessary to use the exact return address for each country (destination).

  • For most countries, you will need to select a specific carrier for delivery. Therefore, check in advance that the return address accepts shipments sent via the carrier you intend to select. This information can be found in the details of each return address; either directly under the address given, or under the icon. If the parcel is delivered by another carrier, it will not be possible to accept or process it at the return address for operational reasons.

  • The address on the parcel must be stated in the format shown on our website.

  • Please do not send parcels with COD. Such shipments will not be accepted at the return address for transport.


The Systems of Sending Labels
With Barcodes to the Customer:

Do You Need Help?

If you have any questions or uncertainties about the Return Parcel or Complaints Assistant services, please contact your sales representative or contact the sales department by email.

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