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We have prepared all the documents you could possibly need in one place. It doesn’t matter if you are our pick-up point partner or from an e-shop.

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Condition

Updated general terms and conditions valid from 1st May 2024

Price Lists and Payments

Price List

Full price list with updated range of services valid from 27th May 2024

Currency Exchange Rules

Currency exchange conditions for posting packages to abroad

Payment by card

Terms of C.O.D. Payment by Card – for Consignors

Others documents

Ten safe shipments

Ten safe shipments

Guide for printing bills of delivery

Guide for printing bills of delivery in the client section


Instructions how to calculate the volumetric (specific) weight of a shipment

Items of Customs Declaration

Instructions to correctly fill in the items of Customs Declaration.

Conditions for customs clearance

Instructions to perform all actions related to customs procedures when sending shipments outside the EU.

Prohibited goods

List of prohibited goods for export abroad

How to write an address correctly

What should a correctly written recipient address contain?

Package labeling rules

Instruction how to label your shipment correctly

Packeta services

Service descriptions, how is parcel submission carried out and much more information about Packeta's services all in one place

Complaints procedure

Claims policy

Conditions for filing complaints valid from 1.5.2022

Report on the result of complaints for the year 2023

Report on the results of the investigation of complaints for the calendar year 2023

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Packeta s.r.o.

Cookies policy

Consent to the principles of personal data protection of Packeta s.r.o.

E-shop košík

Logos for online shop cart

Logos that you use in your online shop cart.

Online shop cart manual

Detailed instructions that will help you to implement Packeta

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