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Do you send parcels using the service Between Us via the application Packeta? Here you can find practical information and the terms and conditions in pdf format for download.

Document for partners

Terms and Conditions

Between Us - Terms and Conditions

Business conditions valid from 15th November 2022 (sending shipments between consumers)

Privacy policy

Privacy policy of Packeta s.r.o.

Consent to the use of cookies

Consent to the principles of personal data protection of Packeta s.r.o.

Price Lists and Payments

Price list Between Us

Price list for the Between Us service (sending shipments between consumers) valid from 1st September 2022

Credit card payment

Annex to the general conditions for payment by card with an update


Ten safe shipments

Ten safe shipments

How to send a parcel via Z-BOX

Instructions for submitting a shipment via Z-BOX

Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Conditions for filing complaints valid from 1.5.2022

Statutes of Competitions

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