Delivery of packages
to Bulgaria

We will deliver parcels to your customers in Bulgaria quickly and cheaply.

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Our Services

We have our own shipping capacity and we will deliver goods directly to the address of your customers using our "Packeta Home Delivery" service. Additionally, we cooperate with dozens of European carriers.

A simple solution for sending goods to Bulgaria

By connecting with us, you get the option of convenient delivery to address, return logistics as well as support and customer service.


Delivery to address

We will deliver the parcel directly to your customers in Bulgaria in cooperation with proven local carriers. We will send them precise information about the delivery time in advance.

Return logistics

Returning goods from Bulgaria is more than easy with Packeta! We have two return logistics options for you. You will find more information here.

High quality support

Your Bulgarian customers will be able to contact our customer service or chatbot, and our team of advisors will be available for any help or advice.

One connection

As soon as you connect to the Parcel system, you can immediately start using the services of dozens of European carriers. You don't need to sign any contracts with them. We guarantee reliable processes.

Price list for delivery
from Slovakia to Bulgaria

Delivery to Pick-up Point
from €5,59
Home Delivery
from €5,2

Prices are valid for delivery from Slovakia to Bulgaria. Prices do not include VAT.

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Further information

Econt pick-up boxes

For delivery to pick-up boxes, the Bulgarian carrier Econt does not have precise size categories. If the parcel does not match the size, it will be automatically redirected to the nearest Econt brick-and-mortar pick-up point.


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