How to Correctly
Package a Parcel?

Check out our tips on how to properly package your goods and what packaging material to choose in order to ensure that your parcel arrives safely to the recipient.

Parameters of the Parcel

Standard Parcel

Parcel Dimensions

Maximum size: the longest side of the parcel max. 50 cm and the sum of the lengths of all three sides of the parcel max. 120 cm. Minimum size: 10 cm x 7 cm x 1 cm


Parcel Weight

Maximum weight: 5 kg


Correct Parcel Packaging

Packaging Material

Cardboard is Ideal

Ideal packaging is hard and sufficiently strong cardboard or a cardboard box.


Choose Dry and Unworn Packaging

Moisture or wear on the packaging material can significantly affect its ability to protect the contents of the parcel.


The Correct Size

The size of the packaging should always match its contents. The contents of the parcel should therefore neither "float" inside nor protrude out of the packaging.


Placing the Object into the Packaging

Place the Goods in the Middle

Place the contents of the parcel preferably in the middle to eliminate the possibility of damage.


Filling the Vacant Space

Fill the space around the contents with any soft material. Suitable materials are for example newspaper, torn paper or cardboard, air cushions or polystyrene fixing blocks.


Separating Individual Products

If you are sending multiple products in one parcel, we recommend separating them with cardboard to minimize the risk of mutual damage.


Deformation Zones

We recommend maintaining deformation zones of at least 3 cm on all sides inside the parcel.


Securing the Parcel with Tape

Attach the Tape into a Crisscross Pattern

Tape the parcel so that nothing can fall out. The best way is to attach the tape in a crisscross pattern.


Watch out for Risk Areas

If necessary, re-tape the parcel in other risk areas such as box edges, joints, flaps, etc.


Is the Parcel Ready for Shipping?

The Parcel Must Be Solid, Compact and Homogeneous

The parcel is intended for cumulative transport and should therefore be packaged in a way to carry at least eight times its weight.


The Route of Your Parcel

Become the eyes of one of the parcels and see how distribution and sorting takes place at our depots and what the package will encounter on its way to you!