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Data Crawling


"I was looking to see if our outlet in Kralupy was open between the holidays. I searched the website with the branches of the Zasilkovna, where I read that they do. So I had the branch send my package, and well, it was closed, wasn't it. I called the Zasilkovna hotline and they told me I was looking at someone else's website with stolen and outdated data. Scammers, tiddly web-copyists!"

Jarka V
Jane V.
61 years old

Data Crawling

Crawling, or the misuse of our data, is something that Zásilkovna encounters frequently: attackers copy our data (e.g. data about delivery points) and use it as a building block for a fraudulent website.

Users searching for delivery points via a search engine will then come across this fraudulent website, which contains data that Zásilkovna is not responsible for and cannot control.

Please note that data crawling is a fraudulent act like any other, and anyone who attempts such an act exposes themselves to legal liability.

Alert beware

Examples of fraudulent sites using copied data



Examples of data crawling

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

5 things
to watch out for
in the online waters

Official domain

Whatever you are dealing with when it comes to Zasilkovna, always make sure you are on the right domain. Any other character or font in the URL means something is wrong. There is only one Zasilkovna!

Advertisement for foreign products

The goal of data crawlers is usually profit. That's why they place a lot of banner ads and tempting ads on sites that abuse other people's data. And every time you click on them, they get a crown...

It can only be red

We do our best to make sure you recognize our red glowing pages at first sight. Therefore, if the page you visit is blue or purple, it may tell you that it is not the official website of the Zasilkovna.

Monothematically focused website

Websites built on data crawling usually contain only part of the information from the original page. In the case of Zásilkovna, it is often data related to the delivery points - you won't find anything else on the copied fraudulent sites.

Out of date Data

Attackers usually download foreign data once and then do not update it again. Therefore, you may find outdated and obsolete data on sites with a domain other than


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The most common scammer traps

What do fraudulent emails, websites and text messages look like? We have prepared more detailed pages for you, where you can find actual fraudulent links or phone numbers.

Have you been targeted by internet fishermen?

Have you encountered fraudulent behaviour where someone uses the logo or name of Zásilkovna unfairly? Let us know about it! Together we can eliminate these cases. We are in this together.